Notto Ultramodern Kitchen

Tucked inside the Notto's 1957 home is an ultramodern space you would never expect to find.

A kitchen featuring white and grey cabinets, red tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances and beautiful countertops make you wonder if you are really in a 1957 home. A glass handrail system around the staircase and an adjoining lounge and eating area also makes you feel like you are in an urban café.

Homeowner Betty Notto says, The space was outdated and poorly laid out. We wanted space to entertain. We like the neighborhood and the city of Coon Rapids, and we did not want to move farther out to build a bigger, newer house. We didn't need more space, just better space.

So with that ambition, the couple embarked on a massive remodeling project, made a bit easier with the City's Home for Generations II program. The Home for Generations II program is an incentive program providing grants and building permit rebates for large remodeling projects worth $35,000 or more.

Tony Notto says, Working with City staff and using the program was easy…a very smooth process.

In addition to their kitchen/living room space remodel, the couple remodeled their main floor bathroom, which features a tile surround.

Exterior of one story home
Interior of modern kitchen


Maximum Grant: $5,000 

Minimum Project Amount: $35,000

Project must include at least one interior major remodeling project such as removing walls, complete bathroom or kitchen remodels, additions, basement finishes, etc. 

Rebate: 50% of building permit fees 

Financing: 4.5% fixed up to $50,000 (optional) 

Architectural Consultation: $25 co-pay 

Income Limit: None 

Minimum Age of House: 20 years 

Availability: First come, first served

Man and woman smiling in kitchen