Community Sustainability Partnership

Community Sustainability Partnership


The Community Sustainability Partnership Recognition Program is a certification program for local Coon Rapids businesses who are operating with sustainability in mind. Through this program, businesses report on their sustainability-related work, they receive educational materials on how to become more sustainable, and they are recognized at different tiers of accomplishment for their actions. The city promotes certified businesses on this web page, on city social media sites, and in our city newsletter. We are grateful for the work that our local businesses are doing to help us advance sustainability city-wide.

Awarded Businesses

Businesses are certified in the Community Sustainability Partnership in one of four levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Learn more about these levels, and how to submit an  online application, below. Congratulations to the businesses participating so far in the program!





Faith Lutheran Church members holding up their CSP award

Faith Lutheran Church staff celebrating their Community Sustainability Partnership Award

Get Involved

Are you implementing organics recycling, using LED lighting, buying in bulk or using electric or hybrid vehicles? If you are an owner or employee at a local Coon Rapids business/organization and your group is implementing these or other sustainable actions, we encourage you to share your practices with us and invite you to sign up for the Community Sustainability Partnership (CSP)!

The Community Sustainability Partnership Recognition Program is open to businesses, civic organizations, non-profit organizations, and faith organizations that have implemented sustainable business practices. 

Participation in the CSP helps to promote your business/organization while inspiring others to become more sustainable themselves. 

If you haven’t completed enough sustainable work to be certified yet, don’t worry! Coon Rapids can be a resource to help you increase your organization’s sustainability and reach certification in the CSP. View our resource page here or contact the Sustainability Planner for more information.

There are four achievement levels in the CSP program:

  • Bronze (25 points)
  • Silver (45 points)
  • Gold (65 points)
  • Platinum (85 points)

In their initial application form, businesses/organizations detail which sustainable practices they have implemented and are scored accordingly. View a summary of the sustainable practices here. After achieving at least a bronze level certification in the CSP, businesses will receive:

  • A certificate recognizing their achievement
  • A window decal to proudly display at the business/organization
  • Recognition in the “Coon Rapids Connection” City newsletter and on the City website  

After initial certification, businesses/organizations are also encouraged to continue making sustainable improvements to rise to the next level of achievement.

Sign Up for the Program

1) Review the summary of sustainable practices

2) Fill out the online application form

3) After the form is received, a City staff member will contact the business representative to discuss what level the business qualifies for with the program.

4) City staff will mail your certificate and window decal. Your business will then be added to the next "Coon Rapids Connection" City newsletter and be added to the City website.

Need More Help?

City staff can help businesses achieve their goals by offering site visits, resources and additional information. Contact the Sustainability Planner, Olivia Dorow Hovland at 763-767-6458 or via e-mail for more information.