Lock Box Program

Coon Rapids Fire Department has lock boxes available for seniors and other at-risk residents that allow first responders to gain quick access to a residence in an emergency. The boxes can only be opened by the fire department and can reduce the time it takes to reach seniors in their home.

​1) Order a lock box through the Fire Department: call or contact Shelley Chapin, 763-767-6409.

​​​​2) Install the box anywhere you choose near the door, or request the fire department install it for you.​

​3) Notify the fire department once the lock box is installed and provide a working key to your home.

4) An inspector will come out and place that spare key in the lock box.

*Note: residents are responsible for providing an updated spare key to the fire department if the locks are changed.

  • Save your emergency responders valuable time. Dispatch can simply notify the responders that a lock box is in use.
  • Provide an alternative to forced entry. If a lock box is used, responders may not have to damage the senior’s home.
  • Get peace of mind. Lock boxes are only accessible by authorized personnel in the event of an emergency, because only the fire department has a key that can open the lock boxes. Friends, family, and neighbors cannot use this system to access a home.
Fireman withdrawing key from lock box

  • $171 - Single Key Lock Box
  • $224 - Two-Key Lock Box