Application and Interview Tips

Application Tips

•    Read the position description carefully. Do your skills, experience and education align with the position requirements? Be sure to highlight how they meet the requirements in your application materials. 

•    Add a cover letter or letter of interest.  A letter can provide you the opportunity to speak to your experience and knowledge that may not necessarily show up in your application. If the position you’re applying for would be a career change, you should use every opportunity to explain how your experience has helped you prepare to transition into the new field. 

•    Fill out every field of the application, and do not write “see resume” in lieu of filling out the application. If you do not have a response, write “N/A” in the field.

•    Thoroughly review your application and attachments for spelling, content and grammar mistakes. 

•    Update your resume, application, and the objective section of the application to reflect the position you are applying for.

Interviewing Tips

•    Prepare for your interview by researching the City and the department, and potential interview questions. Be prepared to explain why you’d be the best fit for the position and give some specific examples of your work experience that make you a great candidate. If this is your first job, be sure to highlight school projects or volunteer experience.

•    Make a good first impression by looking professional and being excited about the position.

•    Be engaging and confident – use eye contact and have a positive attitude.

•    Avoid rambling – Answer questions thoroughly, but don’t go on forever.

•    Never be late and avoid being too early.