Serve As An Election Judge

Election Judges are responsible for the administration of election procedures in each voting place on election day. Election judges help guarantee the rights of voters are protected on election day and that the election process is fair and in accordance with our laws.

Election Judges are an integral part of making the election process work smoothly for voters. If you are interested in serving your community in this way please complete the Election Judge Application (PDF).

Completed applications can be scanned and emailed to the Clerk. They can also be mailed to:
Coon Rapids City Hall
Attn: Clerk’s Office
11155 Robinson Drive
Coon Rapids, MN 55433

Who is eligible to be an election judge?

Any Minnesota resident eligible to vote who can read, write and speak English can be an election judge.  To become an election judge contact the City Clerk at 763-767-6493.

Election Judge appointments are recommended by the City Clerk, depending on the needs for each election, and approved by the City Council.  Currently, election judges are paid $11 per hour.

Minnesota Statute 204B.195 allows individuals to take time off from work, without penalty or loss of wages, to serve as Elections Judges on election day(s). A 20-day written notice requesting to be absent from work for this purpose must be submitted to the employer. The request must be accompanied by a certification from the City of Coon Rapids indicating the days and hours the employee will serve as an Election Judge.

Employers may reduce the salary of the employee by the amount received for working as an election judge for hours the employee would normally work. The Statute makes this decision optional for the employer.

Students ages 16-18 are also encouraged to apply!

Student election judges are also needed to help during the election process. Students who live in Anoka County, ages 16-18, and have permission are encouraged to apply. 

See the Student Election Judge flyer with more information

See the Student Permission Slip (required to be signed by parent or guardian)

Training is Provided and Required

Judges are required to attend a 2-hour training class. Judges are paid to attend the class.