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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

More 2023 event details coming soon!

Night to Unite is an annual tradition that helps neighbors get to know each other and build police/community partnerships. Over 100 neighborhood parties register each year. Registering your party ensures visits from the police and/or fire department, a "swag bag" with a lot of fun goodies and helps us know where residents are participating in this great event!

Thanks to everyone who hosted and came to a block party last year!

Night to Unite was held on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022. Nearly 2,000 residents gathered at 100 registered block parties across the city. Coon Rapids police officers and firefighters attempted to visit every single party!

Why Register Your Party?

  • Get on the list for Police and Fire department visits!
  • Get a Night to Unite t-shirt for the block party host (and co-host, if applicable).
  • Receive a swag bag filled with goodies and crime prevention information. 

Helpful Tools to Use

  • Distribute "Save the Date" cards to your neighborhood (do this early so people can get it on their calendars!:
    (Check back for 2023's event materials)
  • Organize your event using our Planning Checklist 
  • Invite your neighbors closer to the actual event date using our pre-made invitation flyer:
    (Check back for 2023's event materials)


For further questions regarding Night to Unite, call the Police Department at 763-767-6481.

Watch the Video to Learn more About this Great Event!

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