Curbside Recycling & Trash

Coon Rapids residents are required to have curbside recycling service along with trash. This makes recycling at home convenient and simple!

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Helpful tip sheet about what CAN go in your curbside recycling

Helpful tip sheet on what CANNOT go in your curbside recycling

Curbside recycling bins

Curbside Requirements

Place items in single sort container provided by your refuse hauler. Single sort containers mean that all recyclables can be co-mingled together in the same cart. No sorting is needed. DO NOT bag your recyclables in plastic bags! Plastic bags get stuck in the sorting equipment at facilities. Instead, keep your recyclables loose in your cart, or you may put them in paper bags.

Place the bin 2 feet behind the curb on the same day your garbage is collected.

Recyclable Items

  • Boxboard - cereal, cake, fruit snacks (any box that does not go in your refrigerator or freezer)
  • Cans - food and beverage containers only - aluminum, steel, and tin cans
  • Cardboard - corrugated only
  • Glass - bottles and jars. Rinse and remove lid.
  • Paper and magazines - all types
  • Newspapers - all parts of Sunday paper are acceptable
  • Telephone books - white and yellow pages
  • Plastic bottles- Plastic numbered 1,2 and 5 only. No black plastic.
  • Plastic clam shells- plastic numbered 1,2 and 5 only. No black.
  • Other items - check with your refuse hauler

Unacceptable items include:

  • Bags and wrap
  • Flower pots
  • Motor oil bottles
  • Beer and pop boxes
  • Food soiled boxes- i.e. pizza
  • Toilets
  • Windows
  • Wood
  • Unusable furniture

Missed Collections

If you recyclables were at the curb by 6:30 a.m. on your collection day and were not picked up:

  • Call your hauler
  • Hold items until your next recycling day
  • Bring them to the Coon Rapids Recycling Center, 1831 111th Avenue during hours of operation.

For More Information

For specific refuse and recycling collection information, please contact your private refuse hauler.

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