The Planning Division is within the Community Development Department and oversees all land development in the city. Staff prepares and implements the Comprehensive Plan which guides land use, zoning, transportation, and community facility improvements. Staff also prepares reports and makes recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council for decisions regarding land development within the city. Staff is available to answer questions on past, current, and future development, zoning, home occupations, and business signage.

Quick Links

Zoning Code and Zoning Map

Use the "Map It" tool to access the interactive zoning map. For more information on zoning requirements, view Title 11 - Land Development Regulations in the City Code.

Map It Directions:

  • Start typing the property address into the search window and click on the correct address from the drop-down list
  • The map will zoom to the parcel/property address and display a pop-up window with the parcel ID number, address, and zip code
  • To get zoning information, click once on the parcel to change the pop-up window (the blue bar on the pop-up window will display (1 of 3) or similar depending on the number of screens to scroll through.)
  • On the pop-up window blue bar, click the arrow to page through the pop-up window until the zoning information is displayed