Licensed Trash & Recycling Haulers

All haulers must be licensed with the City before operating collection and hauling of mixed municipal solid waste, recycling materials or yard waste. All haulers must offer both mixed municipal solid waste and recycling collection to residents. Solid waste must be collected at least weekly and recycling must be collected at least every other week. Collection may occur between the hours of 6:30am and 8:30pm Monday through Saturday.

See the Hauler Zone Collection Map and Cart Placement Guidelines for more information about curbside recycling. 
Residential and Commercial
Homeowners arrange for their own garbage service. There are 5 city-licensed garbage haulers:
  1. Ace Solid Waste 
     Phone: 763-427-3110
  2. Curbside Waste
  3. Republic Services (formerly Allied Waste)
     Phone: 952-941-5174
  4. Walter’s Recycling 
    Phone: 763-780-8464
  5. Waste Management 
    Phone: 763-784-8349

Haulers are required to provide a recycling container.

Commercial Only
Aspen Waste Systems, Inc.
Phone: 612-884-8000
LePage and Sons
Phone: 763-757-7100

 Advanced Disposal Services