Information and Resources

Sustainability includes a wide variety of topics. Utilize resources to encourage sustainability in your own life and community.

Resolve to Stop Wish Cycling via RethinkRecycling
Many people put items in their recycling container that aren't actually recyclable, in the hopes that they are. Learn the difference and issues association with "wish-cycling"

What's in My Neighborhood
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's online application allows you to search your neighborhood for a wide variety of environmental information.

Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge (SEEK)
Educational resources for classroom and outdoors, volunteer opportunities and local events related to the environment.

Rethink Recycling
Residential go-to guide for all things recycling and waste in the Twin Cities

Solar Energy Potential?
Check out the MN Solar Suitability map to put in your address and find out if solar energy is a good option in the area where you live.